As the birthplace of tango, Buenos Aires is itself captivating, seductive and exhilarating. This beautiful city famously known as “The Paris of South America” is historical and sophisticated though very energetic and fresh. Even though it is compared to Paris, its people are not concerned of imitating any European city, since they own a very rich culture and heritage.

Interesting Facts:

  • It is the Second largest city in South America
  • Nicknamed also as “The Queen of El Plata”
  • It has the highest concentration of theaters in the World
  • People from Buenos Aires are referred to as porteños (people of the port)
  • Sometimes it is called “The City of Books” because of their incredible number of bookstores, public libraries, book fairs and cultural associations
  • Fashion Capital, Buenos Aires hosts many fashion events and has been appointed UNESCO City of Design
  • The wide cultural heritage of different nations created a unique architecture as well as culinary style


Do not miss:

  • The World distinguished Opera House Teatro Colón
  • The colorful and restored Caminito Street in la Boca District
  • The upscale and chic Recoleta Neighborhood and its renowned cemetery
  • The Art Nouveau Cafes and restaurants in the Retiro Neighborhood
  • The well preserved 19th Century San Telmo District
  • La Casa Rosada, the presidential palace in the famous Plaza de Mayo
  • The Congress of Argentine Nation, a national landmark at the western end of Avenida de Mayo
  • The iconic Obelisk of Buenos Aires located in Plaza de la Republica
  • Mix with hippest locals in Palermo Soho cafes and boutiques

More Attractions

TO FALL IN      

Countless are the reasons, though among our favorites are:

  • Stunning architecture
  • Cosmopolitan Life
  • Latest Fashion Trends & Shopping Experiences
  • Spectacular Street Art
  • Nightlife, a city that never sleeps
  • Its legendary Beef & gastronomy
  • And of course Tango, a UNESCO’s Intangible World Cultural heritage


Pizza. Yes, Buenos Aires has a rich and exciting pizza culture that many visitors completely miss. Don't miss a pizza topped with local faina (thin flatbread made from chickpeas). Add a cold local beer - Quilmes and you're living like a real porteño.


Southern Hemisphere city, Buenos Aires' seasons occur at opposite times from those in the north hemisphere. Buenos Aires has a humid subtropical climate, with hot and humid summers and mild winters.

The warm season lasts from mid-November through mid-March with an average high above 80°F and average low of 70°F.

The cold season lasts from mid-May through mid-August with an average high below 62°F and average low of 47°F.

Wind: 8mph S
Broken Clouds
Humidity: 76%
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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